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Healing Stories from Kevin Kiernan's Practice

posted Oct 22, 2010, 9:35 AM by Kevin Kiernan

Big Miracle, Small Cost!

When Mary N. of Florida came to me for a healing session in June 2009 at her Level 1-2 Seminar in Atlanta, I had no information about her history or medical challenges. The morning after her healing session she looked like a new person and was very clear that she had received her healing. After her session and into the next day she revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which had spread to her bones. This was a recurrence of a bout with cancer first diagnosed in 1997 dealt with by simple lumpectomy. With this recurrence, her tumor left her in excruciating pain and she was suffering with large amounts of swelling around her chest.

By the morning after her healing session, she had lost 3+ inches of swelling around her chest and experienced a dramatic reduction in her pain levels. Upon return home from her Level 1-2 seminar she visited her oncologist and received two bits of news; firstly, that her tumor had been reduced in size over the course of the seminar by a full third! He also told her that the primary tumor was inoperable. Given the advanced stage of her disease, she was also beyond the help of chemotherapy and radiation.

Being very clear that Reconnective Healing had catalyzed her improvement, Mary continued to use the self healing she learned in her seminar. Mary wrote to me in October 2009 that "my doctor is shocked at how well I am doing..I'm not surprised...I work on myself and on the medicine I take every day. This week, I had to show the surgeon where the tumor wasn't, because he couldn't find it anymore!".

Within 8 months the tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea and her condition was now treatable by surgery. Given her history, Mary elected to continue with surgery and had a double mastectomy which also proved to be remarkable when she exhibited unusually fast healing from the surgery.

This was not her only healing related to Reconnective Healing. In 2004, she had suffered a perforated bowel and had died on the table during its surgical repair. A Reconnective Healing practitioner named Shelley Warren did distance healing with her supporting her recovery from the surgery and peritonitis, which took three months. The issues around uncovered medical expenses and disability left her unable to repair the colostomy this procedure had left her with. All this combined with the cancer treatments, wiped her out financially, completely undermined her marriage and placed her home in foreclosure.

Shelley urged Mary to read The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself many times over the last five years when finally in the Spring of 2009, Mary relates that coincidentally with her diagnosis with breast cancer "...it fell off a shelf at the library, and I finally had my awakening! ". Mary is very clear that Reconnective Healing saved her life, and is intending to take her Level 3 Seminar in December 2010 in Miami and committing her new life to healing.

Healing the Healer...

In the summer of 2009, I had a request from a participant at our Austin, Texas seminar to schedule her Reconnection at the event. In my conversation with Tina C., she spoke about her desire to learn the work and her excitement about coming to the seminar. As it happens, after Tina registered for the Level 1-2 and 3 seminars, she had an accident that resulted in multiple injuries. She revealed at that point (before I could stop her) that she was in such excruciating pain that she didn't not think she would even be able to make it to the seminar and apologies in advance for the possible cancellation of her appointment.

Although Tina ultimately planned to establish her practice in a couple of years when she and her husband retired, her injuries had completely shifted her focus to obtaining healing for herself.   During our conversations, I reminded her that the title of Dr. Pearl's book is The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself and that the path to her own healing may very well be in sharing this work with others.

Since she had revealed that she had an unhealed broken arm (verified by x-ray in the week preceding her seminar) that required that she wear a sling,  I thought it would be useful to do a distance healing session with her. After her session she reported definitely felt better and ultimately was able to travel to the seminars.

Tina's healing continued at the seminar as she reported afterwards, "On the second day, Kevin finished my Reconnection and then it was off to the second day of the Level I and II seminar. I was working on someone on the massage table. ALL of a sudden I felt all of my pains in my body dissolve completely, 100 percent! Every ache and pain. I was so overwhelmed with the joy of being pain free that I cried. It was very difficult to contain my emotions and tears of joy but I managed, somewhat, without causing a disturbance to the others. I had also had an upper back pain that dissolved. Two days after arriving home, I went to my scheduled Orthopedic Doctor's appointment and he took the usual X-rays and I was very amazed at the X-rays. My arm bones had almost totally aligned themselves and the bone growth was very remarkable. It looked like a lumpy ball of bone surrounding the broken arm area, which was not present the last time I went to see him. You could barely see a little bone growth right before I left the seminar."

Remarkably, this was the status of her broken arm for a full 10 1/2 week prior to her exposure to this work during which conventional medical treatment failed to produce a positive result over a period of time which is a multiple of that generally required for bone healing.

Happy Feet...

It is the common experience that your own pain, upsets, discomforts and life challenges are the one's that preoccupy us. It is also the lessons our own experience provide us which are most powerful. I love participating in the teaching of Reconnective Healing at our seminars, but it can be hard on the body. Series of multiple 18 hour days at every seminar and multiple seminars close together left me with a repetitive stress injury, initially in my left foot and subsequently in my right foot as well. Every step I took after October of 2009 was painful. Imagine nails being driven into your heels at every step. Even a two month layoff from the the seminar circuit and lots of rest did not improve the situation.

In March of 2010, I did a single healing session with Barbara L. of Albany NY. Barbara reported back to me the next day that a chronic and painful foot problem of 8 years in duration had completely resolved. Her medical providers had been unable to fully understand what was happening with her foot which over the years which had deteriorated from an intermittent problem to a constant and painful burden. It wasn't hard to relate to her story of dealing with this chronic and painful problem.

In April of 2010, a client came to my Alexandria practice seeking The Reconnection. Sue, of Arlington VA, was well acquainted with Dr. Pearl's work and wanted to have the recommended experience of a Reconnective Healing Session preceding The Reconnection. I educated her about the two experiences and when I spoke about the Reconnective Healing session and what was possibly available from them, Sue very insistently instructed me that we needed to move along because she had nothing wrong with her and was only doing it because Dr. Pearl recommended it.

When Sue got off the table at the conclusion of her healing session, after describing the experiences typically reported by those experiencing this work, she proceeded to show me how her large toe of her right foot was able to move. She was quite fascinated by this because, by her report, she had no range of motion in that toe joint for at least ten years! The toe had recovered about 50% of the range she had in her left large toe.

On returning for her first session of The Reconnection, her toe remained as it had after her healing. During the conversation about her first session of The Reconnection, Sue proceeded to move her toes and found that she had recovered FULL range of motion in her right toe! The healing potential of the Reconnective Healing frequencies are available whether you are in a Reconnective Healing session or The Reconnection.

As you might imagine, as a practitioner with a chronic and painful problem, having witnessed and facilitated these healings, I was getting a little peeved. Through the Spring I continued to work in my practice and at seminars and in June of 2010 I was asked to lay down on a table at our Providence Rhode Island Seminar so that another staff member could demonstrate how we conduct a Reconnective Healing session. Five minutes later, I got off the table and took my first pain free step in eight months!

The lesson that comes through these experiences are multifaceted. We frequently do not know what is in our best interest, what is lurking in our blind spot or what the most appropriate time is for us to receive what we desire. Reconnective Healing is capable of catalyzing healings from any condition in an instant. This is why practitioners who truly understand this practice do not offer "mini" sessions. We do not need to know we have the problem, we do not need to have any specific intention around our healing at all. Even though as a practitioner, the frequencies we work with on a continuous basis can heal us, whether the client or practitioner, we will only receive that healing when it is appropriate. It seems that I may have needed to learn a bit more patience. 

There are no Mini Sessions!

This healing story, volunteered by Karen King of Lexington, Kentucky, is a perfect example of why Reconnective Healing Practitioners who truly understand this work do not offer "mini" sessions. Healing is available to you instantaneously if that is what is appropriate for you! If you are considering a practitioner who offers sessions charged by the minute or "mini" sessions, they likely do not understand this practice and you would be wise to keep looking. Karen writes:

"In October 2010 I attended the Reconnective Healing seminars given by Dr. Eric Pearl in Chicago, IL.  The Friday night precursor was just a "teaser" to what amazing information was to come from this once successful chiropractor turned even more successful healer who has expanded into, well, more.
On the first night of the seminar, after Dr. Pearl gave a humorous, informative background message regarding how he came to these new healing frequencies, various practitioners moved their way through the audience giving each person a brief (15-30 seconds at most) moment to experience these frequencies.

I was fortunate to have Kevin Kiernan pass in front of me with his hands extended while I extended my left hand.  I didn't give any thought, none whatsoever, as to which hand to extend.  That, I was to learn very quickly, is the beauty behind these frequencies.  Have no expectations, but BE in expectancy....this is the path of miracles.
The amount of heat, when Kevin placed his hands on either side of mine at least 10 inches away and more, was intense.  I felt nothing but sudden heat upon my left hand.  I smiled as I looked up into Kevin's eyes, signaling to him, I had just had my first experience with the Reconnective frequencies. 
It wasn't until later that evening that I realized I no longer had the intense pain in my left pinky finger which had plagued me for years. The discomfort in my pinky finger felt like a very deep bruise that would never heal. Literally, years of not being able to even touch the skin in that area of my finger due to the pain was erased, never to return, in the mere 15 seconds of "non-contact" with Kevin.  No, our hands never touched. 
I will never forget that moment of healing, of excitement without attachment to the outcome,
that was my own first healing experience with these Reconnective Healing frequencies. 
I became a Reconnective Practitioner that weekend and the next business day provided healing to a friend with a right shoulder trapezius muscle tear.  Seeing my friend in such agonizing pain one moment and smiling and saying, "I'm totally amazed! The pain is entirely gone!" the next moment, is why I will never stop offering healing, light and information to everyone who will enter my life."
Karen King, RN
Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Lexington, KY

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