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The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing® FAQ

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is here on the planet for the very first time. It reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. It is considered to be able to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence not just through a new set of healing frequencies, but through possibly an entirely new bandwidth. The reality of its existence has demonstrated itself clearly in practice as well as in science laboratories.

The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe, which allows Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth brought in via a spectrum of light and information. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect. This is something new. This is different. This is real—and it can be entrained in each of us.

How did Eric Pearl discover Reconnective Healing?

As a doctor, Eric ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day when patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them—even though he hadn’t physically touched them. For the first couple of months his palms blistered and bled. Patients soon reported seeing angels and receiving miraculous Healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy, and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Eric simply held his hands near them. And to this day, it continues.

How does this compare to other frequencies? How does it differ from the other forms of energy work used now?

There is something that we’re experiencing of which most of you are at least somewhat aware. It’s that time seems to be moving faster as well as expanding. This transition is referred to by many names. "The Shift" and "Shift of the Ages" are two terms used by Gregg Braden. The transition was predicted by the Mayans, the Incas, the Hopi, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Kabbalah (both Jewish and Christian). In Walking Between the Worlds, Braden defines this shift as "both a time in Earth history as well as an experience of human consciousness. Defined by the convergence of decreasing planetary magnetics and increasing planetary frequency upon a point in time, the Shift of the Ages, or simply, The Shift, represents a rare opportunity of collectively repatterning the expression of human consciousness. The Shift is the term applied to the process of Earth accelerating through a course of evolutionary change, with the human species linked, by choice, to the electromagnetic fields of Earth, following suit through a process of cellular change."

In the healing realm, many of the techniques that have stood the test of time function just as well now as they always did—it’s just that we now have more, and we now are more, so the old techniques are no longer enough. As good as they always were, within our new, expanded parameters, they are no longer appropriate—just as lanterns would not be appropriate as headlights on a car, although, for a horse and buggy, they functioned just fine. The weaknesses these techniques are subject to—requiring the removal of jewelry, the removal of leather, faith on the part of the recipient, protection rituals for both parties involved—are not present in the new frequencies.

Remember, too, why many of us who have been practicing healing techniques got involved with them in the first place. It wasn’t to become a fanatical follower for the technique itself—it was to become a healer. The technique was simply one of our early steps in this process.

For a moment, picture yourself standing at the foot of a grand, cascading staircase. One of your goals—that of becoming a healer—awaits you at the top. Your first step is to learn a technique. You throw yourself into this technique, mastering it, maybe even becoming a teacher. You now own this first step. It’s okay to love it, but be careful not to fall in love with it. Because if you do, you’ll sit down, grab a blanket and pillow, move in, and make this step the center of the rest of your life. But what does that mean about the remainder of your journey up the staircase? It stops. Now is the time to bless your first steps . . . and continue upward.

So are you saying that this is better than the other techniques?

Of course not. This is not a question of "better or worse," this is a question of appropriateness. Just as you realize that if you’re driving your Maserati on the Autobahn on your way to a romantic dinner, candle-lit lanterns would not make appropriate headlights, you probably also realize that, once you sit down to dine, halogen headlights would not make the most appropriate table lighting. Reconnective Healing is here now to give us something more comprehensive and expansive because now is the time that we can have something more comprehensive and expansive.

I’ve heard that if I learn this technique, I might lose the present one I’ve been practicing.

First of all, Reconnective Healing is not a "technique." This is the first thing that separates it from the other forms of healing that you’ve heard of. Secondly, you won’t lose your studied healing techniques. They just might not be as easy for you to find?and you might not really want to bother. One reason for this is that the healing techniques that we’ve had on this planet up until now have been subsets of Reconnective Healing. They have been merely glimpses of some of its aspects. If you put these techniques all together, you have a slightly greater glimpse of Reconnective Healing, yet nowhere broaching all of it. Although this analogy doesn’t do it justice, think of the different healing techniques you know of each as a single letter of the alphabet and randomly assign them letters, e.g., techniques C, J, P, Q, R. Now, if you know only technique "R", you’re a little limited as to what you can spell. If you know two techniques, (i.e. if you own two "letters"), you might have a little more flexibility. If you own all five of the letters above, you’re still noticeably limited in what you can do. Each of those letters is a subset of the alphabet. If you have the full set, all 26 letters, you can more fully communicate because not only can you spell words now, you can write volumes.

Once you are working with the Reconnective frequencies, you are no longer just in subsets. You don’t lose your "R" or your "Q" when you access your alphabet; you just have to work a little harder to find them individually. And there’s not much incentive to do so as they bring you such greater rewards when utilized as part of the set than they did when trying to function as an entire alphabet.

Does Reconnective Healing only work on physical problems? Will it work on mental problems as well?

Healing is a return to balance. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional (and probably a few other classifications we don’t have words for). We simply classify it according to its predominate characteristic. Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically "treat" anything. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, as many people do, then you do. You just do.

What’s the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

The difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is basically one of intent. The intent of Reconnective Healing is essentially that of healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level. And, of course, to achieve the degree of healing brought forth via Reconnective Healing, you will, to some extent, experience reconnection as part of the process. It’s this "Reconnection" that allows Reconnective Healing to be so dramatically more comprehensive than the healing "techniques" we’ve had up until now.

The intent of The Reconnection is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe. This is done via a two-session experience, commonly referred to as receiving your Reconnection. And, of course, to achieve the degree of reconnection brought fourth via The Reconnection, you will, to some extent, experience healing as part of the process.

And, although the two are not completely separate processes, to obtain the full benefits of each, your Reconnective Healing sessions and your Reconnection sessions are to be experienced on separate occasions.

Can anyone learn to do this?

We all have the ability to carry these new frequencies of healing. It’s not a gift for a few chosen people – gurus or "holy" (by general consensus) men or women. It’s a gift of this time; the intelligence and wisdom we need to guide us is already in place. These frequencies are both old and new. They are "old" because they are of the universe. They are "new" because this is the first time that they’ve been on the planet. They are not something that someone’s friend at the beach has been "ohming" in for 15 years nor are they some lost technique of an old or ancient people. They are believed to be frequencies that we are experiencing on the Earth for the very first time.

Although the universe, for some reason, chose to "seed" Eric with this energy to begin the process of frequency enhancement, it seems that every day, more and more people are finding their place as part of this phenomenon. In so doing, we are raising our overall level of consciousness. Each week, Reconnective Healing is taught to hundreds of people from all over the world and from all types of backgrounds – medical and non-medical, spiritual and non-spiritual, metaphysical and non-metaphysical, new-age and non-new age. The people who learn this come from all walks of life, demographics and socioeconomic classes.

Everyone comes in at the same level no matter what his or her experience or educational background—which varies widely. The groups are approximately 50 percent male, 50 percent female. You’ll find Reiki Master Teachers and massage therapists, housewives and students, doctors and nurses, clergy members and construction workers, scientists, school teachers, computer analysts, government officials, plumbers and electricians, bankers and lawyers. And, in most seminars, you’ll also find the person who didn’t want to come sitting next to the person who brought them anyway.

The constant diversity in any given room around the world is your assurance that over the course of a weekend, the nature of this work as it applies to nearly every aspect of life is addressed. Those locked into their left brains at the beginning of the seminar have often evolved so far beyond such limitations by the end that you are left to wonder if only a day or two have really passed. And when you notice that the construction worker is functioning with the same confidence and integrity as the Reiki Master Teacher—right there in that moment—you can’t help but realize the simple beauty of this gift.

These seminars are about creating atmospheres of interactive participation that promote exploration and learning; they are about sharing the group experience. What happens when a group works together with these energies is that everyone’s level rises at an amazing speed. It’s as if there’s some kind of a field that connects everyone more intensely in a group setting, expediting our new evolution exponentially. We’re all changing in every second—and there’s a lot to say about spending a weekend immersed in the energies . . . together.

Are you sure I’ll be able to do this? I’ve seen most everyone I know excel in healing so dramatically after attending the Reconnective Healing seminars that I can’t find words to express it. I also know a couple who seem afraid to move forward, continuing with their previous techniques or trying to combine them with Reconnective Healing without much improvement when they do it that way. So I don’t get it. Are there some people who just can’t access these purer energies? And, if so, why would I assume it would be different for me, a beginner?

You ask an excellent question. The answer is actually contained in a quote from my book:

People ask me if everyone has the ability to carry these frequencies and become a healer.
My answer is, "Yes!" Everyone can do this, but the eyes are blind.
It is only a few who dare to open their eyes . . . and often those who do are blinded by what they see.

Everyone, once they interact with this, can do the work. They’re doing it at the seminar. For some, it’s difficult for them to believe that they can actually do this, even though it’s happening, visibly, right before their eyes. For some, they are lost in the concept that more is better, so they "add" things, not recognizing that it’s a dilution, much as adding a cup of water to a bowl of chili merely gives you watered-down chili. And yet, for a third group, there is the need for them to attempt to make this better by putting their personal stamp on it. (For example, this is what happened to Reiki. It’s difficult to find the pure original Reiki. Many people — who do many different things — claim that their "technique" has sole ownership of it.) This third group is not secure enough in who they are to find their reward in simply being a part of the process, recognizing the honor that it is that they’ve been invited into the equation and permitted (I consider it "blessed") to witness the process in a state of awe. They therefore attempt to "decorate" it, to lay some sort of "claim" on the process and the results. To be able to say, "See. This is how I do it. This makes it even better". This is what I term "gilding the lily," taking the perfection of the universe and trying to make it more perfect.

These healings come from a place of perfect harmony with the universe. By trying to improve upon perfection, these individuals are displaying for anyone who cares to notice, that they weren’t able to see the perfection to begin with...or that they somehow lost sight of it. There is nothing wrong with any of the people in any of these groups, and many people are comprised of a combination of the three. The people who fall into these groups are simply not yet at a place where they are willing and emotionally able to step through their comfort zones.

Why might it be different for you? There are many reasons. Many of them the same reasons that it is different for so many other people who are able to bring this through at its highest. First of all, as a beginner, you don’t have so much baggage to release. There are feelings of safety and security in our baggage. There’s also fear of letting go of what we spent time and money accumulating. This usually comes from feeling that it means that we’ve made a mistake instead of recognizing that where we’ve been has simply been the most recent step that brought us to where we are now. Lifting your foot off of one step is required to step up onto the next. Lifting the other foot off of that previous step is also required if you’d like to continue your ascension. Lifting your foot off of a step and then replacing it, no matter how many times you do it, and no matter how wonderful the step, keeps you where you are, on that very same step. There’s a certain degree of bravery required to look at a step you loved so much — be it that special oriental healing technique you may have invested thousands of dollars in mastering and that served you so well, or one of the myriad other wonderful techniques that are taught here in the US or other countries — bless it, thank it and kiss it good bye. To do so, you have to recognize that the intended function of a step is to be...a step. It isn’t an end point, but rather part of your progression on your journey. You, by not having been indoctrinated into the arena of new-age healing "techniques," don’t have this baggage and therefore will not be a candidate for that particular struggle to divest yourself of it.

Why do you think we so easily see truth in the eyes of children? They don’t come into this world with all the baggage and investment we accumulate. Mind you, most experienced healers don’t put themselves through this. Actually, the more evolved understand the process and move forward into this new level with excitement and anticipation. Can you do it? Of course you can. Can these other people do it? Sure they can. It’s only a matter of when. "It’s only a few who dare to open their eyes...and often those who do are blinded by what they see." You’ll be fine.

What is it that I’m feeling when I’m doing this?

In a sense, and not really wanting to use such a "woo-woo" sounding word, it’s an attunement. And, once we begin to understand concepts of vibration and entrainment, we see that attunement is a perfectly appropriate term. Think about it in terms of the effects of this attunement. Say you were born color blind, unable to distinguish blue from red from yellow. Then something happens to your eyes, and the color-receptive cells kick in. Can you imagine? Suddenly a whole new realm of perception comes to life for you.

In Reconnective Healing, a similar event occurs. As we attune (come into harmony) with the new frequencies of energy, we begin to feel changes inside our own body. The vibrations will register within us and become part of us. Being able to recognize these sensations is an important aspect of learning to work with the frequencies, just as being able to see colors is helpful to a painter. Please remember that it is not a requirement. Although the feedback imparted through this ability is of great benefit to the honing of our skills, there are blind painters and deaf musicians. Feedback systems will develop for you in their own way, out of a place of peace and stillness. The entrainment, the alignment of forces and fields, the communication of light and information, will come about and will most likely find a way to make itself known to you.

How will I know this attunement has taken place for me? What can I do so that my body becomes aware of the new vibrations and is able to act as a conduit for them?

You’re already in the process of undergoing these changes. The changes are occurring in you right now. For many, it’s an a priori conclusion that this process of attunement is encoding and unfolding in you even as you read this Q & A. For others, you most likely are, or are about to be, discovering it.

In my experience, there are three main "styles" by which people make this attunement, this shift to accommodate the new frequencies:

  1. You may notice changes in yourself almost from the beginning—new sensations of warmth, a strange feeling in your head or hands when you first hear about The Reconnection, or see the book in a store.
  2. For others, your process may begin after you pick up the book and hold it, or open it and start reading. You may begin to notice things happening as you read the book – or these FAQ’s – further and further. Immersed in the material, your sensations become more and more apparent.
  3. A few of you may not feel anything until a little later on—three days, three weeks, maybe longer.

Finally, there is a fourth "style"—the manifestor. This is a person who develops tiny blisters or experiences inexplicable bleeding, as I did at one point in my own development. If this happens, it only seems to last for a day or two, and simply means that your body is shifting to carry and accommodate these newer and larger (more comprehensive) frequencies.

Have you ever had anyone who wasn’t able to do this?

Everyone, once they interact with these new frequencies, seems to be able to do this work. On very rare occasion, a person might have had some difficulty feeling it in the very beginning of the seminar. Usually, by the end of the weekend, most everyone can feel it fairly strongly. On the absolute rarest of occasion, probably less than 10 people of the many thousands who have attended the seminars, someone might not be able to feel it even by the end of the weekend. Just the same, you’ll most likely see the changes that happen in a person when you work on them and realize that Reconnective Healing is coming through you anyway, as demonstrated by the person you’re working on.

Remember: if you’re having difficulty feeling it, you’re simply trying too hard!

I want to have a healing. Do I want a private session or would I be better off attending a seminar?

It depends on several factors. First of all, it may be wise for you to attend a seminar if your interest includes bringing healings to others. Many people who come to the seminars report that they receive healings merely from being in attendance, even though their intention for attending is to learn to facilitate healings for others. And, although we can’t make any specific promises that this will be the case for you, there’s clearly a lot to be said about being immersed in these healing frequencies for an entire weekend. It’s important to learn this work, not just for the benefits it yields you personally, but also for the gift of being able to offer it to help others. If your only purpose in attending is to have a healing for yourself, you might want to schedule a private healing session. If your desire is to help others as well as yourself, your most appropriate path may be to attend the seminar.

For information about attending any of the seminars, please visit TheReconnection.com

I’d like a private session with Eric Pearl. How do I schedule one? Will I have to fly to LA?

As we continue on a rather rigorous tour schedule, Eric has little remaining availability for private sessions. There are, however, thousands of highly proficient practitioners whom Eric has trained and who offer sessions just as he does. These people are able to bring about the same results as Eric, have much greater availability and require much less travel. Your expense, therefore, will be greatly reduced.

We are uncertain as to when Eric may be available again for private sessions. We see great success through the other practitioners and feel more than comfortable about you seeing them.

You are viewing this information on a web page published by a Practitioner trained at one of our seminars and who has made a commitment to conducting their practice as trained by Dr. Pearl and his team and furthermore who has made a commitment to their continuing education under the ongoing guidance of a certified member of The Reconnection LLC faculty. Learn more at http://trinitymentoring.com

I know there are other practitioners, but isn’t going to the source best? Won’t it be better from Eric Pearl himself?

It seems that by mere interaction with Eric, people are able to attune/pick up this ability almost instantly. And most, if not all of our seminar attendees are able to begin offering sessions upon successful completion of the seminar. Remember, the Source is God, Love and/or Universe, choose your word. Eric is simply the instrument through which these healings have been introduced to the world. The Source is always with all of us.

Has Eric or any other practitioner had success with (insert specific illness)?

We have seen so many patients over the years that, at this point, it’s almost impossible to remember all of the specific cases. The important concept for you to understand here is that three people can come in with the same diagnosis and the same set of symptoms and receive three different sets of results. Some of the largest and most dramatic healings we see occur in cases where we know nothing at all about what the patient was contending with. As Eric says, "Oftentimes the less the practitioner "knows" about what’s "wrong" with the patient/client, the better off that patient/client is." And while very many people see results that manifest physically in an immediate and permanent fashion, on rare occasion there are some people that do not demonstrate a recognizable response in the beginning. Many do later on, in a few days or a few weeks. And some may not. Most healings tend to be permanent. Some demonstrate in their fullness immediately, some evolve over time. Most every time, the healing you have is yours and remains with you.

What can I expect during a Reconnective Healing session or The Reconnection? What’s the best way to prepare for it? What can I do to allow it to be most effective?

Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often healings are reported in an instant in just one session, and sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipated; if you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you haven’t even thought of, one that the universe has in mind specifically for you.

Healings can come in all forms. The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without expectation or attachment. Place yourself on the table, relax, close your eyes and simply notice. Observe. Become both the observer and the observed.

Be in a relaxed atmosphere, lie down on your back on a massage table or whatever other comfortable arrangement you’ve decided on, close your eyes and notice. Just notice. Withdraw your participatory thought process and simply observe when there’s something to notice, as well as when there’s nothing to notice; lie there and let go, as if you simply had a little unexpected rest time.

I wouldn’t suggest that you try to make your mind a blank or try to think of nothing. As a rule, people have trouble with the concept of thinking of nothing. The mind is always going. I suggest that you simply notice whatever it is that brings itself to your attention. This gives you something to do and has a tendency to alleviate the stress often encountered when trying to think of nothing and finding that you don’t know how. Place your attention inside your body and allow it to travel through you. Observing whatever you perceive as out of the ordinary will give you enough to occupy your mind without your getting lost in mental "shoulds" and "shouldn’ts."

Don’t breathe a special way, don’t visualize relaxing scenes or a desired result, don’t meditate or repeat mantras, silently or otherwise, and don’t "do" anything else that I haven’t mentioned that you or someone else thinks will "help." It won’t. It will simply bring about what you’re able to do on your own and interfere with you being able to enjoy the fullness and the reality of the experience. And if that’s the case, you may as well stay home. When you’re ready to let go and not attempt to "direct" or enhance the experience, when your ego is out of the way sufficiently so you don’t attempt to "gild the lily," you’re ready to experience what makes Reconnective Healing different, what makes The Reconnection real.

You’re ready to receive.

How many sessions will I need? How long does it take to have a healing?

One visit—perhaps even part of one visit—may be plenty. Generally it is recommended that you consider up to three sessions. And, although each session is special, often something particularly special tends to be reported about session number three.

Healings occur in an instant. What takes "time" is for the person to "decide" to accept the healing. If you receive everything you’re looking for by your first, second or third session, it’s time to let go and allow things to unfold on their own. If you don’t receive anything by your third session, Reconnective Healing may not be the appropriate way for you to receive what you’re looking for at this time in your life. Again, you may want to let go and allow whatever might unfold to do so. You may choose to return in three, six, maybe even eighteen months. The only time I might consider a few more sessions is either: a) if a new situation arises for you; or b) if you’ve been experiencing clear, recognizable, consistent improvement over the first three visits and it looks as if there’s a little more to go. At that point, I might consider a few more sessions. After that, I would again let go and allow it time to unfold. Reconnective Healing is not about regular visits or "touch-ups." You do not need to come in for "weekly" sessions or on any kind of an "ongoing" basis. Once you have your session(s), you "own" your change, your healing, your evolution. It’s yours. No one can take it away from you. Ever.

Kevin Kiernan,
Feb 10, 2011, 1:29 PM