My Mission

My mission has just recently transcended The Reconnection® and Mentoring Reconnective Healing Practitioners. In the past I had good reason to believe that the commitment to transforming the organization I had committed my life to working with was genuine. unfortunately, the events of the past year have proven that to be false.

I have decided to launch my own brand of healing with an organizational structure optimized to spread the vibration of Love and Healing to the entire globe with maximum velocity. I am creating a community of like minded individuals who I will train to teach my healing workshops who will retain the lion's share of profit and who will be committed to mentoring and instructing the next generation of leaders.

Trinity Healing is about transforming the world, not just one person's bank account. Participation at the teaching level will not be free, but the system of fairness will create a win-win dynamic that will support both the mission and those committed to supporting it!

This is our future... what follows below was my past!  Learn more about Trinity Healing HERE.

I have dedicated myself to assisting in the transformation of the planet through the healing frequencies of The Reconnection®, the transformation of the physical body through cleansing nutrition and the social condition through transformational coaching and mentoring programs.

Trinity Mentoring is the product of my decades in corporate life during which I developed the skills necessary to run a high tech practice. As a relationship manager, presenter and trainer, I know how to to get things done and motivate people into their highest performance.Trinity Wellness is primarily focused on Reconnective Healing
® and The Reconnection®, however, as a Practitioner Mentor I have found that the most challenging aspects of practice development have very little to do with the healing work itself.

The fact is that in order to build a thriving practice, going it alone is probably the least viable alternative available to you. Even if you receive Mentoring, an hour or two of coaching about the philosophy of our work or the mechanics of The Reconnection
® will not sustain you until you practice reaches critical mass and becomes self sustaining.

It is my belief that in order for a healer to create a superior practice certain things need to be in place which include:
  • Personal Mastery of the Philosophy, Process and Presentation of Reconnective Healing®
  • Effective Marketing - Visibility to prospective clients for you work is essential
  • Persistence - You may have left your seminar on fire for the work but will you sustain it over time?
  • Web Presence - This means a highly ranked website, not something on Google page 500
  • Social Networking - You need to have a presence in your local community pro-actively looking to engage prospective clients within groups of thousands not dozens or hundreds.
The essence of my Mentoring program is to cover all these mission critical areas.  Trinity Mentoring is about perfecting your mastery of the work, "packaging" you as a healer and inside of your commitment to excellence, attract and retain referring clients. The Law of Attraction is all the rage right now but there is something all too frequently overlooked. For you to attract a vibrant practice it requires that you couple the inspired action which delivered you to your seminar with the obvious actions necessary to manifest and sustain your practice.

It is my Mission to help you do just that!

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Kevin Kiernan,
Feb 10, 2011, 1:29 PM