Mentoring Zone 2010 Success Group Announced!

posted Jan 21, 2010, 3:29 PM by Kevin Kiernan
In an innovative approach to Practitioner Mentoring, Trinity Wellness has introduced a new program intended to help new Reconnective Healing healing practitioners build vibrant practices in the least amount of time. Drawing on his own experience in business, both in corporate life and as an entrepreneur, Kevin realized that primary obstacles preventing Practitioners from developing enough momentum in their healing work was the lack of business development, technical and coaching necessary to carry them from the excitement and inspiration they leave their Seminar with, and to sustain the necessary effort to grow a meaningful practice.

Kevin will still provide individual and group Practice reviews and remedial mentoring services, however the focus of the Mentoring Zone Program is to provide ongoing business consulting grounded in the philosophy of Reconnective Healing, Practitioner website hosting and development, regular topical conference calls, video conference based practitioner sessions and regional Meetup groups.

The cost of the program including one 30 minute individual mentoring session, is $300 for calendar year 2010 which includes:


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  • One 30 minute mentoring session
  • Access to the practitioner only community pages on this site
  • Nine topical conference calls with Q&A
  • Practitioner website hosted by Google linked to this domain
  • Community pages will include podcasts of recorded conference calls and a continuously updated FAQ page.
  • Individual guidance will be available to group members for configuring their websites. Extraordinary levels of support will require optional support agreement.
  • In the Northeast (between VA and Providence RI) I will make myself available for speaking engagements sponsored by community members through my Meetup group.