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Trinity Mentoring as of August 11, 2012 has been transcended by Trinity Healing. In a successful effort to rectify my personal spiritual beliefs and my commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices optimized to contribute to the ascension of all mankind with maximum velocity, I am launching my own brand of Healing workshops called Initiations in Trinity Healing.

These very simple and affordable half day workshops are designed to make vibrational healing available for an affordable cost as well as to open the door to the teaching opportunity denied to so many for so long in other modalities.

I will still offer the two sessions of The Reconnection, however I am not sanctioned to offer Mentoring on the behalf of the organization. This is a very good thing for you because it frees me to offer you completely unbiased practice development advice grounded in your best interest, not anyone else's!

Trinity Mentoring, part of Trinity Wellness LLC, is an expression of my level of commitment to Reconnective Healing®  work and in particular to helping people bring it into the mainstream consciousness. Holistic Healing is about helping the client on every level.

This means delivering healing sessions to clients and coaching Practitioners in a way that is grounded in the philosophy of Reconnective Healing
® as taught by Eric Pearl and solid business practices which will stand the test of time.

Moving this work into a world which may not be as receptive as you were when you took your Reconnective Healing
® seminar demands persistence, professionalism and a good grasp of the technology & social networking tools which are essential for success in today's practice environment.

Kevin is a life long resident of New York City and offers sessions in Manhattan, in Alexandria, VA where he presently resides and at Reconnective Healing Seminars globally.

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Kevin Kiernan is a Certified Practitioner Mentor who serves as a faculty member, functioning as a Teaching Assistant, at seminars held by The Reconnection LLC internationally. Now in his fifth year in Reconnective Healing® work, with a total of 14 years divided among various modalities, Kevin offers Reconnective Healing services to individuals as well as Practitioner Mentoring. 

Kevin combines his 30 years of experience in technical, scientific , business & holistic healing disciplines and brings it to bear on your most urgent practice development requirements, and the highest integrity delivery of healing work as well!

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